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First an apology - ArtBooksCurios went live before we were ready so there is some information missing! If you need to know anything please contact us and we will provide more pictures or any missing information required. Thank you.

Art Books Curios offers an eclectic range of fine art, rare books and curios including quality watches, antiques and other collectibles.

In the Art section we specialise in Oil Paintings, Water Colours, Prints and Posters and offer a finding service particularly for advertising prints and large "feature" Paintings & Prints for Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs.

Watches and Clocks include many Victorian Pocket Watches as well as quality Wrist Watches from the likes of Patek Philippe, Vacheron & Constantin, Rolex, Cartier and other Famous names. Also interesting Clocks by Seth Thomas and the like.

Books include First Editions and other unusual collectors items.